Democrats and left movement went histerical over Russian‐USA nagotiations in Helsinki. Since Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 elections it’s become a trend in U.S. media to expose Trump as an russian agent. Protests against Trump’s policy sponsored by Soros were held in different western cities. It’s cleared that western elite wants USA to stay their obedient policeman without any national interests.

Here is an example of CNN’s propaganda:

Donald Trump came to Helsinki to clear his name of collusion. Instead he soiled it and with it, dragged the world further down a path toward previously unthinkable instability. It is 70 years since the future of the western democratic alliance has been so precariously and ambiguously poised between chaos and certainty…

…Never before in the field of presidential summits has one leader given so much for so little at the cost of so many.

Trump’s capitulation to Putin’s lies on live TV watched by millions across the world is sending diplomatic shock waves way beyond Washington.

In the hours following the summit, there was the stunning sound of silence from Trump’s European allies.

Had he stood up to Putin and warned him not to attack the US by interfering in its elections again there may we’ll have been more applause from Berlin and London. Russia stands accused of interfering in elections in these countries too. A message for one, a message for all…”CNN.

Even for russians living in authoritative state it’s shocking how cheap the means of manipulation of public opinion are in the West right now. CNN is pushing Trump to be harsh with Putin. Media has become fourth branch of power in the West and telling political leaders how they should perform their foreign affaers. Did american public choose board of CNN’s directors to do this job?

CNN is a long time loud‐hailer for Soros and Trotsky’s followers. On their pages you often can see early bolshevik propaganda against conservative western values and words of support for leftwing political groups.

Despite war hunger of certain people in both russian and american elite, russian public wants Cold war to finally end. Conflict between USA and Russia is not benefit eather side.